Gary Jones


Actor, comedian, and writer, Gary Jones, spent 10 of his 30-year entertainment career appearing on television’s Stargate SG:1 as beloved gate technician, Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman. (Without Gary’s iris-opening and closing mojo, Richard Dean Anderson would probably still be stuck on PX6-721.)

Gary first entered the world of showbiz as a comedian through the portal of Toronto’s legendary Second City Improv Theatre. After moving to Vancouver, Gary went on to become an award-winning improviser with the world-renowned Vancouver Theatresports League. His whippety-fast comedic abilities even landed him in Bill Gates’ living room on New Year’s Eve of the millennium, entertaining Bill, his wife Melinda and 90 of their most intimate friends. (While the rest of the world braced for a global crashing of all computer systems, Gary had no problem checking his emails from Bill’s kitchen).

From there Gary turned his improv skills to the written page and became an award-winning playwright. Gary has also has written television scripts, adapted a best-selling teen fantasy novel, ‘Silverwing’, into an animated series and even written a humorous convention-related column entitled ‘Unconventional,’ in BC Business magazine.

Gary has appeared in countless feature films, television movies and episodics. Some of these features include ‘Santa Claus 2,’ with Tim Allen, ‘Trixie,’ with Nick Nolte and ‘Intersection,’ with Richard Gere. Other sci-fi episodic TV shows that Gary has co-starred in include, ‘Psych,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Sanctuary,’ ‘Andromeda,’ ‘Dead Like Me,’ ‘Poltergeist,’ ‘The Outer Limits,’ and ‘Sliders’ (on which he recurred).

Gary is one of the chosen few from Stargate SG:1 to have appeared, not only in both the Stargate movies, ‘Continuum,’ and ‘Ark of Truth,’ but also ‘Stargate Atlantis’ and ‘Stargate Universe.’ With those many Stargate appearances, Gary is convinced that he’s an answer in some frat house sci-fi-related drinking game!

He’s even appeared in the smash hit improv show, ‘Star Trik: The Musical,’ as Captain James T. Kirk. (In an homage to William Shatner’s legendary portrayal, Gary wore a ladies girdle throughout the entire two-year run of the show).

Gary has also displayed impressive event hosting and MC-ing chops as is evidenced by the fact that he’s been asked to host British Columbia’s Film and Television ‘Leo Awards’ no less than nine times!

He’s written humorous articles for Canada’s Financial Post and Vancouver Magazine and The Georgia Straight.

He’s a regular story-telling contributor to CBC Radio’s ‘Definitely Not The Opera’ and for the past eight years has been a regular joke writer for CBC Radio’s ‘The Debaters.’

As if reading all of the above didn’t exhaust you and if you want to check out Gary’s artistic skills, visit to view some of his pencil portraits.

Gary bungee jumps on every birthday to laugh in the face of death.