Rachael Messer

Rachael Messer is a professional and full-time voice actress. Rachael makes her living voice acting for video games. Most recently you can hear her as Rebecca Lansing in the remake of System Shock (The game that started the Bioshock Series) (XBOX), Comba in “Warframe”, the Teacher in “Yandere Simulator”, Shadow of Sol, Kraqueen, Cirque Du Silhouette, and Arachnae in Heroes of Newerth, Tio Windstorm, Claro Lightfoot, Ylana Felstorm, and Cladria Windstorm in “Wakfu Raiders”, Totem in the Wii U game called Anima: Gates of Memories, Astra in “Wormhole City”, “Stairs”, ”Orion”, and over 75 different other games. 


 She is currently the voice of Shiara in the new animated tv series “Prince Adventures” by Chuck Huber and the lead in a new anime called “Devil’s Legacy”, along with voice acting in FUNimation animes such as “Fairy Tail”, “Date A Live”, “Red Data Girl” and more. She voices multiple characters including Daybreak and Nightfall in “Midnight Mares”. She also does film and is the leading female role in the new tv series “It’s Just Brunch” with South Parks’ Toby Morton and Peter Bedgood.


You can find out more at www.RachaelMesser.com and follow her on her on facebook www.facebook.com/rachaelmesseractress or on twitter @Rachaelmesser”


Introduction to Voice Acting (1 Hours)

Designed to help those interested in voice acting. This panel helps teach the basics of creating voice acting characters for anime, cartoons, radio plays, video games and more. Its open to all levels of people so it will start with the basics like what is voice acting, the types of work you can find, how to get started, audio recording techniques, getting better audio quality, microphone types and differences, how microphones work, a basic rundown of speech production,how to avoid and realize vocal damage, creating and changing different voice, and more followed by a QnA session.