Russ Adams

Russ Adams is an award-winning special effect artist and creature designer known to a worldwide audience for his work on SyFy’s hit television series Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. Selected from nearly a thousand applicants he became one of ten cast members in Season 1 and appeared in seven of eight episodes. Russ quickly became a fan favorite and the most recognized cast member on the show.

Russ has developed a wide skill set during his years of experience working on Hollywood production, within the independent film, and theater communities. He has been credited with over a dozen films in the United States and many more spanning several countries. Films like the Pirates of the Caribbean films, 50 First Dates, SLC Punk 2, #SCREAMERS, Monolith, and others.

Russ is the lead artist and owner of Escape Design FX, a special effects and creature design studio in Utah. In addition to his special effects work, he is also the author of a popular how-to series called, A Workshop with Russ Adams.