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Nicholas Lea is a Canadian actor best known worldwide for his portrayal of Alex Krycek on Fox’s smash hit The X-Files and on ABC Family’s Kyle XY, playing the role of Tom Foss. Lea was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. He attended Prince of Wales Secondary School.

Lea’s first major role was on the ABC TV series The Commish, where he played Officer Enrico Caruso from 1991 to 1994. It was during this time that he also had a minor guest role in a first-season episode of The X-Files called “Gender Bender.” The producers were so impressed by his performance, that in the show’s second season, he was offered the role of turncoat FBI agent Alex Krycek. It forever changed Nick’s career. Lea went on to guest star in 24 episodes of the series (from 1994 to 2002) and became a hugely popular character amongst the international fans of this groundbreaking and classic show. He continues to receive plenty of fan mail from his beloved fans around the world and is recognized globally, wherever he travels. Because of his character’s willingness to switch sides, he was famously known as ‘Ratboy’.

Lea continued to play Krycek until the final year of The X Files and became a nemesis not just of Mulder and Scully but particularly of A.D. Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) and the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis).

Nick’s next  starring role came in the form of a lead in the Fox T.V. produced series Once a Thief — which followed on from the 1996 John Woo film of the same name.  The show was executive produced and directed by Woo.

In 2006, Lea won a lead role on ABC Family’s Kyle XY (26 episodes) playing Tom Foss, Kyle’s tutor, and was one of the lead actors (playing Ethan McKaye) on the popular Canadian TV series Whistler. He also served as that series’ associate producer.

Along the way, Lea has continued to guest star in many different television series. Amongst them are Once Upon A TimeNYPD Blue (3 episodes), Outer Limits (2 episodes) Andromeda (4 epsisodes)Burn Notice, Sliders, Highlander: The Series (2 episodes), Judging Amy, CSI: Las Vegas (4 eps as Catherine Willows’ boyfriend) and Men in Trees (10 episodes as Eric, the minister). Nicholas has also guest starred in the new ABC sci-fi series, V (5 episodes). As well, Nick has had the lead role in three Sci Fi Original movies; Threshold (2003); Category 7: The End of the World (2005); and The Philadelphia Experiment (2012).

Among Nick’s many film roles, his many loyal fans were excited to see him in a leading role in Sony Pictures’ Vertical Limit, co-starting alongside Bill Paxton and Chris O’Donnell. The film enjoyed a wide and extensive theatrical release in both the North American and global markets.

In 2012, he portrayed Eliot Ness, the famous FBI leader of “The Untouchables” in the Supernatural episode “Time after Time.”Fans of the show have considered this episode amongst the series’ finest.

Lea has recently appeared on Arrow as Mark Francis (Moira Queen’s campaign manager) (3 episodes thus far) and AMC’s highly regarded series The Killing (5 eps) alongside A-lister Peter Saarsgard. . He can also be seen in the Sy Fy Channel’s hit series, Continuum as Special Agent Gardiner (8 epsodes).


— A few years ago, Sci Fi Channel had an official “Nick Lea Week” where, over the course of the entire week, they televised Nick’s extensive and memorable work within the T.V. fantasy world genre.–Nick has also been a guest on Saturday Night Live, alongside Will Farrell and David Duchovny (reprising his much loved Krycek character).–Nick has received two Emmy nominations for Best Ensemble Cast for both The X Files and CSI as well as a Gemini (Canadian Emmy)  “Best Actor” nomination for his lead role in The Investigation.–Nick was voted by the USA Today readership as “The Next Action Hero”–Also singled out by MSN TV as “one of the 10 Best Actors on TV.”